Starting a Business

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Starting a Business LLC

In starting a business, the first thing you need to do is research. Does your idea have a value and is

there a demand?

Second, obtain and complete the needed forms and fees. For the state of Utah you will need the


Articles of organization and $75.00

Appointed registered agent

Operating agreement

Comply with all federal and State taxes

Application for reserving the name of the LLC and $22.00

Class fee of $50.00 ($15.00 for renewals)

All of these forms can be found at Utah.Gov

If you have more than one person named in the LLC you must get an employee ID number.

You need to register the business with the State.

Starting My Business

The business that I had started did not go as planned. We were in business 3 months when my partner

had made a huge mistake and we had to close our doors.

I expected to pay a lot more for licenses than were required. The taxes and fees were expected.

I also expected to have a lot more paperwork to fill out and have to run 500 errands and go back and

forth to the filling office more times.

I was pleased to find out that it is a pretty painless effort and the online forms were great.

I have found that by registering your LLC in another state was a much better way to go than in Utah.

The fees and taxes are less than Utah’s. This helps cover the cost of operation and overhead expenses.

The only problem I had was time. The State is never in a hurry and sometimes the red tape gets lost.

Most of the issues I had got worked out fairly easy and fast.

My expectations were way over what I had thought I needed to do for the State. I expected the State

fees. The City on the other hand gave me grief. The City expected a lot more forms and I had to meet

with the City Council and get approved before I could open the doors. They had building requirements

and zoning issues I had to deal with.

Business License

I did not...
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