starting with the basics

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Starting With the Basics

Complete the worksheet, and submit to the facilitator for grading. This assignment will help you become familiar with the resources available on the University of Phoenix student website. You will also be reviewing the parts of the writing process, rules of writing, APA guidelines, plagiarism, and critical thinking. Each question is worth 1 point.

To answer questions 1–18, log on to your student website, and explore the resources available. Academic Help
.1 What are the six Other Math Content resources available for study in the Center for Mathematics Excellence? (Click on Library > Center for Mathematics Excellence > Running Start) - Self assessment , ALEKS Math refresher, Pre Algebra reviewer, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 introduction to statistics.

.2 There are basic academic skills tutorials offered for which two subjects? (Hint: Click on Library > Center for Writing Excellence or Center for Mathematics Excellence)

Mathematics and Writing

.3 The Center for Writing Excellence offers tutorials and guides. Which five topics are located in the Grammar Guide? (Hint: Click on Library > Center for Writing Excellence > Tutorials & Guides under Writing Resources > Grammar and Writing Guides) - Writing style, Grammar mechanics, English language learners, Plagiarism, Grammar glossary.

.4 Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence?

-WritePoint, Plagiarism checker, Tutorials & Guides

.5 Which resource in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence offers tips about how to format using APA style according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition)?

Tutorials & Guides> under Writing resources> Writing & Style guidelines (APA)

.6 What are the two writing manuals that are available for purchase at an additional cost? (Hint: On your AJS/501 student Web site, see the “Recommended Writing Manuals” link on the left side of the screen.)

American Psychological Association publication manual, gregg reference manual.

.7 On the AJS/501 student website, how do you move back and forth between the readings for different weeks of class?

Go to classroom tab>click materials>find the week located left side of the screen> select topic.

Learning Teams
.8 What six documents are contained in the Toolkit Essentials section of the Learning Team Toolkit? (Hint: The link to the Learning Team Toolkit link is on left side of the student website.) Learning team handbook, Online campus learning team handbook, Guide to completeing the university of phoenix, Learning team charter, Learning team log, Learning team evaluation, Learning team charter.

Student Services
.9 What is the phone number for University of Phoenix technical support? (Hint: Use the Help button in the top right corner of the page.) (877)832-4867

University Library
To answer the following questions, go to the University of Phoenix Library by clicking the Library link at the top of your student website, and then click the University Library link. Complete the library tutorial.

Note. Read the Library Handbook, and then go back to the University Library home page.

.10 What are the three major article databases available through the University Library? EBSCO host, Gale power search, Pro Quest.

.11 Where is the Library Handbook? What is the most recent copyright date of the Library Handbook?

Copy right 2013, Library Services located on the left side> click read the library handbook. Program tab>under publication Writing Process
To answer the following questions, use the Grammar and Writing Guides located in the Center for Writing Excellence. Highlight your answer choice in with bold, red font, as shown in the following examples.


Where would you find this information within the Grammar and Writing Guides?

Grammar Mechanics section on Commas
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