Starting School All Over Again

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Ziba Mahdavi
Once I entered high school I tried everything I could do to be cool. I started not doing so well for my studies. I was starting off on the wrong track. I didn’t do well, I pushed my education aside, and I started going out with my friends almost every night. My grades dropped dramatically. I didn’t take education seriously. My mother lectured me for hours and days, telling me how important education is for me . After that, I went to class everyday on time, and passed with good grades. I graduated from high school, but I didn’t go to university by that time. I’m here at De Anza to finish my education, and I’m so glad to star school all over again. Because being smart isn’t cool in society these days, and students are not taking responsibility in their education, which make many kids fail in their progress. (Point #1)According to Noguchi “Smart vs. Cool, “In rural Mexico, generation after generation, no matter how hard you work , you are just stuck in life,”(Par.29) they don’t have enough education, so those people think their life is designed to struggle. In Mexico students don’t succeed if they are poor or if they just look ugly because the society judges people based on their wealth. They have poverty English- language too. At some schools, like Del Mar High school in San Jose the 17 years old seniors are called “whitewashed.”(Par.2) they are accusing them to acting white because they are studying and their grade is good. They’re told they’re “losing their culture “(Par.2) just because Sandra has a 4.0 grade –point average and Bibiana has a 3.5. This entire problem is because of fear from society and stereotypes. Asian students think their classmates must be smart but not act smart to be considered popular. Some parents have high expectations so motivate them more. In the survey white students are more popular when they have high grades than Latino and Black. Some parents reward their kids when they have good grades....
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