Starting from Different Starting Points

Topics: Political philosophy, John Rawls, Justice Pages: 4 (1017 words) Published: April 21, 2014
 Starting from Different Starting Points Namit Arora, “What Do We Deserve”. He portrays the discussion on societal success and achievements. Society’s perspective on success is not measured by hard work it is measured through wealth attained. People of our society do not deserve exactly what they obtain just because they are diligent and hardworking throughout their life. Arora supports his belief by interpreting Michael Sandel’s book “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” which discussed the three major approaches to distributive economic justice which include libertarian, meritocratic, and egalitarian. The three different models presented disagree with the belief that all people should be treated equally and should not be discriminated based on economic status or race. When dissecting the libertarian model of equal opportunity Sandel states, “Citizens are assured equal basic liberties, and the distribution of income and wealth is determined by the free market” (Sandel 87). This theory falls apart because not every individual is offered certain and equal opportunities as others. For example, not every person can afford the cost of college tuition nor are they offered financial aid. There are those who fall between poverty level and wealth making them too rich for financial aid yet too poor for college. According to FAU’s website the average college tuition per year is $22,826 plus books, transportation and housing. In my own personal experience I have found that my income exceeds the income level required to receive financial aid therefore, student loans are necessary. As a result, causes lower and middle class to obtain $100,000 in debt searching for a few career in this hard economic time. To solve this problem, colleges worldwide should provide scholarships that do not take in account on a person’s economic status or race. Arora’s theory on the Meritocratic Model is closely related to the American issue lingering...
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