Stars' High Salary

Topics: Mass media, Wage, Salary Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Some people feel that entertainments (e.g. film stars, pop musicians or sports stars) are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree? Which other types of job should be highly paid?

Nowadays, many people criticise entertainers’ high salaries because they are giving less but gaining more. However, in my opinion, it is unreasonable to justify one’s income only by the amount of work they do. I strongly believe that stars are never overpaid but people in other area are actually underpaid.

The majority of entertainers suffer from different types of pressure that ordinary people cannot bear. Thus a high salary should be paid to compensate for the stress. Firstly, for example, action movie actors are forced to perform extreme activities, which may injure them to attract a large audience. Secondly, the media tends to report many details of celebrities’ lives to increase their circulations. It seems that every second of a star’s daily lives is under scrutiny from hundreds of cameras and this influences his or her life significantly. Thus many celebrities’ privacy is violated by the mass media. Thirdly, sports stars dedicate hours of practice to developing their fitness and skill before they become famous. The public only sees their grand moments.

Unfortunately, many professionals in other fields, who make a much greater contribution to society, are paid so much less than entertainments. For instance, teachers, doctors and researchers are undervalued in terms of salary. It is unfair that they are paid less because they are more important to our well-being and our fortune than stars.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is not unfair that the most popular stars earn a lot of money. At the same time, life would be difficult without doctors and researchers and other vital professionals and therefore they should be much better appreciated and better paid.
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