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Starry Night over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

By mivera Jul 21, 2011 624 Words
Maria Vera
Mrs. Cross
07 July 2011
Essay 1- Descriptive
Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh seems very enthused in this painting. For instance, the reflections and pure energy in this painting are very inspirational. Illustrated with darkness in which it creates foreboding feeling, perhaps due to a grieving situation or any type of threatening circumstance. However, the twinkling of the stars and their reflections of the Rhone give calmness and tranquility of the night to come. Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh represents an embracing masterpiece (because of the choice of colors, soothing scenario, and tenderly love.)

To start off, this stunning success painting is filled with abundant variety of colors that gives a warm, cozy, suspicious feeling in the middle of any type of scenario. Coupled with, different shades of blue throughout the piece, standing firm throughout the golden-brown pastel color-- filling the city, and delighting upon what hangs high above us, bright tiny touches of yellow windmill stars. Moreover, the intriguing black mourning color that fills the body of the people that are walking out of the edge of the stormy ocean; in which, such is filled with a mixture of different shades of black and contrasting blue with reflections of golden lights upon it. For the most part, the preferences of colors clue us in what can seem to be a stormy, clustered night, but surprisingly ending with a bright, unforgettable night; which may symbolize “hope” above all.

Furthermore, this work of art transports us to a gentle, comforting picture because of the scenario. In this case, the night holds us in its arm with its charm of been bright and overwhelming by mixing our emotions to culminate, and ease the previous events. Therefore, the night can be as comforting and relaxing (as we lay and connect our head with our pillow), just like us connecting with one another under any diverse circumstance. For this purpose, it is how this piece transports our frenzied life style to a serene step-by-step life choice.

Moreover, this work of genius by Van Gogh proves that tenderly love always tries its best to conquer above all conditions. Ordinarily, it is the woman that knows how to ease the man through his situation with anybody. On the other hand, in this piece it is the man that is holding the women in his hand, and letting her rest upon his shoulder. Nowadays, it is very difficult to see such fondly love occurring between one another. This masterwork proves that it is never too late to act with such actions. The contrary, it loads new opportunities to fight through the fiery conditions by using such affectionate love.

Appreciatively, the masterwork of Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh grasp our attention into its arm because it gives a unique point of view by using high-quality of colors, gentle scenario, and kindhearted love. In any event, Van Gogh speaks through his specific usage of colors to touch and somehow relate to any person out there, proving that they are not alone. Likewise, this artwork may help to speak that actions will lead somewhere, but not to mix it up when it comes to life-decision making because it’ll stir things, and will lose control; instead of connecting with what is surrounding. With this in mind, never lose hope of any kind of compassionate love from anybody, because there will always be somebody willing to open their arms, or lend a shoulder to laze upon. All in all, life is filled with many, unexpected surprises throughout every situation. It just takes time to realize the meaning of it.

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