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Starry Night

By amandamarie13 Jul 16, 2013 553 Words
Starry Night
Alexis Sarabia
ENG 121
Instructor Bargenquast
April 8, 2013

Starry Night
Have you ever taken a look at a painting or picture and had an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility? This is how I feel about the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. To me, Starry Night symbolizes such peace, tranquility, and mindfulness. I have always felt drawn to this painting because Starry Night is a very beautiful piece of art. It does not have many colors, but the way the few colors are used to make such an amazing and elaborate piece of art work that just instills such a great sense of peace and relaxation to me. When I see Starry Night I really stop and think about what was going through Van Gogh’s mind as he was painting this piece. When I look at this piece I wonder how Van Gogh selected and then mixed the very few colors together to get so much detail and precise work. What inspired him to create such a detailed vision? The way he put so much work into this one piece of work is mind blowing to me. I cannot wrap my brain around how one piece of art work can mean so many different things, create so many different feelings or bring back memories for so many diffrent people all at the same time. First I must describe the painting to you to get a sense of the feeling I have when I gaze at Starry Night. The painting appears to takes place in a small town or village at night. There are very few colors used in this painting, such as blacks, blues, yellows and a hint of reds. There is a church that stands out over the town casting a protective glow. There are also the brightest stars you have ever seen in the sky. They are like giant orbs of energy and light like angels watching over the town. There is also a dark object in the picture that reminds me of an old tree, but feels like an old soul watching out over the small town. Therefore, I cannot help but be drawn into the piece and become overtaken by a sense of peace and tranquility that draws me into the painting. The painting transports me into another time and place where I am at peace. I am taken back to summer nights in my childhood. Nights when the moon was full and in the still night air you could hear the buzzing wings of the lighting bugs we were determined to catch. We spent hours of our time running up and down the rolling hills through the soft cashmere like grass under our bare feet with only the light of the giant full moon to guide our paths. All the while the little church kept a watchful eye over our sleepy little town providing a blanket of protection that no harm would come to us. So if you are ever feeling blue or having a bad day I recommend taking a few minutes to gaze upon the amazing painting called Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Let it transport you to a happier time and place. It really helps me because it is such an expressive piece that speaks volumes to me.

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