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Stark Law Rules HLHT 5140 May 17, 2014 Abstract The Stark regulation and guideline are in a group referred to as the Stark Law considerably restrictions physician referral patterns and limits many but not all types of financial relationships into which physicians may go into. Research have discusses many of the solution necessities of and exceptions to the Stark Law, as the Research understands them to at present exist, and highlights areas where physicians can retain flexibility. The intended is to establish certain aspects of the Stark Laws features even in an introductory way. Stark Act The Stark Laws main prevention applied only to clinical lab services, and it was also known as the Ethics in Patient Referrals Act of 1989, it became effective on January 1, 1992. The ethics in patient referrals act was amended over time and with its associated rules, is usually referred to as the Stark Law because Congressman Pete Stark. Congressmen sponsor the bill and it became the Stark Law Act. The Stark Law has forbidden physicians from ordering clinical laboratory services for Medicare patients from an entity with whom the physician or any immediate family member of that physician had a financial relationship. It has also prohibited broader range of designated health services. (DHS) It may seem simple, unfortunately is more than that with confusing exceptions and dark areas. In January 1, 1995, the Stark Law restriction was expanded to include other services in addition to clinical laboratory services. If a physician own referred Medicare patients to entities for the conditions of DHS if the physician or direct family member has a direct or indirect business relationship with that entity, and an entity that furnishes designated health services pursuant to a prohibited referral from billing the Medicare program or any individual, third party payer, or another entity for the designated health services. The Stark Law is complex, and it applies to any particular...
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