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Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli Stargirl is a very thought- provoking book. The author, Jerry Spinelli has an amazing voice throughout it. Like if you read it, you can just know that this book is by Jerry Spinelli without reading the cover. I think he is such an amazing writer. He has this talent to just know to capture the reader- he’s not particularly good at anything else, but his writing makes you feel you’re in the story because you understand everything. You want to know what happens next, and when you read it, it links to another event, you want to read more, and so on. The way he describes it is that he makes it seem everything is so interesting or exciting or sad or angry and makes the reader so emotional. I wish I could do the same with my writing. Jerry Spinelli’s plots are always so unusual. This book talked about individuality and nonconformity. I mean, there are a lot of books that are similar, but this book has this main character called Stargirl. She is new to Mica Area High School, and she is different than anybody else. At first, she is really popular but later she gets shunned for her differences. The narrator, Leo, is also a Mica High student, and he finds her so different and fascinating. They later become in a relationship, but Leo doesn’t like it because he is shunned as much as Stargirl. So he goes to Archie. Archie is a mentor and teacher to both Stargirl and Leo. He tells Leo to answer only one question: Who’s affection do you value more, hers or them? This part touches me really deeply and I almost cried because this part was really sad. It was also my favorite because this scene finally decided if Leo really did love Stargirl and embrace her individuality. At first, Leo didn’t understand the question, but later when he did, he didn’t want to answer it because he didn’t want to know if his answer was true. Leo wasn’t a protagonist or antagonist at the same time. He was the one who made the biggest mistakes in the books, but it seemed

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