Starbucks Marketing Strategy

Topics: Coffee, Coffeehouse, Sales Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1.What is Starbucks’ retail strategy? What is its target market and how does it try to develop an advantage over its competition? Starbucks retail strategy is selling the “Starbucks Experience” by offering a community gathering place, with comfortable seating in a relaxing atmosphere while selling quality products and great customer service. The company’s retail strategy is also aimed to maintain customer loyalty and repeat business. Its target market started out to be business people between the ages of 24 and 40 with disposable income. Starbucks developed an advantage over its competitors by engaging in partnerships with stores such as Safeway, Barnes & Noble where they open cafes to serve their coffee and sell their products. They improved their brand awareness by licensing its brand name on different food products such as ice cream and bottled Frapuccinos 2.What were the principal drivers behind Starbucks’ success in the marketplace? What does the Starbucks brand mean to consumers? How have the growth opportunities pursued that Starbuck has pursued affected the value of its brand name? One of the drivers behind Starbucks’ success is their store locations. The company only open stores in centralized cities in highly visible regions. Stores are always spacious with room for customers to hang out and drink their coffee. They also have great merchandise items such as coffee beverages, whole bean coffee by the pound, pastries, sandwiches, etc… A big part is Starbucks’ success is their employees. Their baristas are trained to customize each drink and to explain the origin of different coffees. There are treated like partners, and trained to provide the best customer service and to deal with customer complains on the spot. The Starbucks brand means consistency and predictability to consumers. It is a promise to great coffee and great experience. Starbucks’ extensive product line strategy of creating a variety of products beyond just coffee beans was a big...
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