Starbucks Management

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Management practices-

Centralization- a function of how much decision making authority is pushed down to lower levels in an organization: the more centralized an organization the higher the level at which decisions are made.

Corporate Culture

Starbucks coffee Company has the strongest and finest corporate culture in North America. Starbucks Company values their employees very much and satisfies them in the workplace. The employee stock options make employees stay loyal to their employers and organization.


Their benefits for their employees are remarkable for part-time and full-time employees. The part-time employees getting full coverage for their health care, which is unlikely to happen for other popular organizations. Other organizations only pay little or no benefits for the part-time employees. The company is sending clear message that they value their employees also known as partners. Starbucks culture is to provide and create a great working environment for the employees, who are also known as partners of the Starbucks Coffee Company.

Human Resource Management

Starbucks Coffee Company has one of the most experienced and well skilled HR departments. This company have been recognized by the Fortune Magazine and named 100 best companies to work for. It is known worldwide that Starbucks Company values employees and have one of the best working environment. For the recruit to join forces with the company, they have to go certain training. The recruits must have mandatory of at least twenty-four hours within the first two to four weeks. As for the managers, they have to train from eight to twelve weeks. Management training includes classes and assignments.

The HR Department have an effective way to communicate with their employees. Employees in all the branches are surveyed on opinions and suggestions regarding workplace conditions. This will improve worker's condition and environment in the...
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