Starbucks in Bangladesh

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1.0 Introduction1.1Origin of the Report
We are assigned to prepare a report on

Starbucks in Bangladesh: A study to explore andexecute value innovation strategies, distinctive capabilities and value propositionstrategies
” by our respected course instructor
Sheikh Atiq Islam. We will focus on howStarbucks will enter into the market of Bangladesh, what will be its value promotion strategy,what will be the pricing strategies that it will follow, the steps that it will take to competewith existing competitor in the market and expand its market.
1.2Objective of the study
The objectives of our study are:

To explore the potential chance of coffee shop in Bangladesh

To explore the value innovation strategies of Starbucks in Bangladesh

To know how business environment will be helpful for Starbucks

To know what will be the pricing strategies of Starbucks

To explore the value proposition strategies
1.3 Scope The report is made up of the simple judgment of Starbucks in Bangladesh of our groupmembers. We tried to know everything that we are allowed to do for the preparation of thisreport. The report includes necessary information of how Starbucks can start its business inBangladesh and operate while competing with existing competitor and also considering someother uncontrollable and controllable factors.
1.4 Limitation: There are some difficulties which we have faced in preparing this report. There are someother problems those we had to overcome to make our effort fruitful. Some limitations wefaced are:  We don’t have enough skilled manpower to ensure this project  We have less amount of primary sources of information to use

Lack of knowledge among people regarding

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