Starbucks Global Strategy

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Starbucks Corporation is a Seattle (USA) based largest coffeehouse company in the world representing one of the most recognizable logos and continually expanding with diversification approach. It operates in over 50 countries with 19,767 stores1 (as of Sep’2013) including the stores in USA and has more than 7,800 franchise units worldwide. It has a wide variety of product lines along with coffee which included but not limited to beverages, pastries, fresh food, whole coffee beans and merchandise. Many of its products are seasonal and specific to the culture or local responsiveness of the country they are doing business. Starbucks global vision is to create distinctive Starbucks experience in the face of rapid expansion. It ensures that growth does not dilute the company’s culture and the common goal of the company’s leadership to act like a small company. Starbucks MISSION statements states – “Establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining uncompromising principles while growing”. Starbucks’s success can directly be attributed to the quality and purposefulness of their overall mission and vision for the global society. Starbucks aims to provide its customers with the highest quality coffee in a setting where they feel embrace by their individual community. Starbucks constantly strive to engage with new markets, satisfying each community’s wants and needs with the extreme respect for their cultures2. To truly appreciate the quality behind Starbucks’s global strategy, we need to recognize the foundation of their business that drove them to their success worldwide. Following are the six guiding principle of Starbucks to measure their appropriateness of decisions2, 3:

-Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity -Embrace diversity as an essential component in the business -Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing and processing of coffee -Develop...

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