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Topics: Coffee, Starbucks, Espresso Pages: 8 (2500 words) Published: September 7, 2010
Using Internet resources, identify the product attributes customers seek when buying hot coffee. (10 marks) Customer tries to find reasonable price
Hint: You can classify most product attributes in terms of
• price point
• quality—conformance to specification (e.g., with hot coffee it might be the proper temperature, fresh, and free of foreign substances) • functionality—the elements customers value in a cup of coffee (e.g., taste, how it is served, store’s ambiance, the overall experience, selection). Be sure to cite all references and information sources you use. • One of the important factor customers try to find hot coffee which is Costs Competitive while meeting the buyer needs and requirements. •

• Body describes the depth of flavor, often in terms such as "rough" or "water". This should be a strong, full, pleasant characteristic. Some customers might look for different flavors such as Chocolate, French Vanilla, Espresso, Dark Roast, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Kona, Cafe Macchiato, Black coffee, Americano, Dry Cappuccino, Double, or Double Shot, ristretto, Cold coffee Step Tea. Some quality factors which could affect customer purchasing decision are quality of the coffee bean, freshly roasted ground beans, brewing equipment, time to serve, clean, quality of the water. • Some of the other factors which could affect the customers decision who are looking for specialty coffee are: coffee fragrance, acidity and after tastes such as: sense of heaviness or richness. • The environment and atmosphere also affects buyers’ decision such as clean place, no smoking smell, interior decoration, sitting area, air quality, coffee menu representation, and Background music. Good Customer service is also important, friendly stuff leaves positive affect on the customer. Employees should be trained and motivated and friendly to provide quality customer service. For example, if customer has high temperature coffee once and it burns their hand or something. They are not going to come back. Some customer could as base their decision according to nutrution. •

• • •
•,-French-Vanilla,-Espresso,-Amaretto,-Hazelnut,-Kona&id=168587 • 2) Using the data you developed in question 1, and the data from the Starbucks case, classify the Starbucks hot coffee product. (10 marks) Starbucks concentrates on quick and friendly service and also having their crew trained well for different brewing techniques. The product of Starbucks is first and foremost the Coffee. They have many different hot and cold beverages. Especially sweet coffees with flavors. One of the best things about Starbucks is that the crew is really friendly and smiles. There is something natural about the behavior of the crew. They welcome customers and each interaction is different. The interior is a bit daily and ascetic but it varies from place to place. Some places even have real living room sofas. There are some Brazil & South America-related designs which seem to be designed by the owners of the franchise. Music is latin mix stuff that goes down as easily as the franchise latte served here. Starbucks seems to be a non-smoking chain - the air is good and well air-conditioned here. Often you can see Starbucks coffee shops which also have tables outside. Smoking is usually only allowed outside. For those who feel bad about blasting air conditioners, this is a good plus. Minus comes then from the poor selection of bagels and other foods and their very high price. Putting aside the cupcakes, people usually just drink coffee here. Another minus is the high prices. As high as they are, Starbucks should have something special to attract customers, or...
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