Starbucks Case

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1) Based on the case information and your personal experiences, list at least five things you know about Starbucks. This list offers you some idea about your cognitions concerning the coffee shop chain.

The five key things that I know about Starbucks are the amount stores that opened rapidly. It grew from 6,000 stores in 2003, to 16,000 stores in 2008. I believe this was too extreme because they could miss out on some important marketing strategies such as the three elements; consumer affect and cognition, consumer behavior, and consumer environment discussed from our textbook by J. Paul and Jerry C. Olson. A company needs to have a healthy and steady growth in order to be successful. Second, I know that Starbucks sends out a free drink coupon card on the week of your birthday which I have received every year for the past two years. I believe by sending out birthday cards on the week of their customer’s birthday, they are showing their appreciation. Third, Starbucks have very comfortable and relaxing couches and chairs to sit on. It is a place where workers do not rush you out the door; you can be inside the store for hours. Fourth, according to a NY Times online article by Andrew Harrer from Bloomberg news (Dec.10, 2010); in the beginning of 2009 Starbucks announced that it would cut thousands of jobs and close 300 stores. Since then, the founder of Starbucks, Howard D. Shultz has improved Starbucks by focusing more on customer experience and trying to recapture some of the things they lost from the beginning. It was improved greatly; there’s an increase in traffic in the stores, and growth in earnings; Starbuck’s has risen above $24 a share. Fifth, Starbucks plans to open new stores internationally and expand operation in U.S. cities such as New York and San Francisco.

2) List at least five things you like or dislike about Starbucks. This list gives you some idea of your affect for the coffee shop.

I like that Starbucks has created...
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