Starbucks and Types of Ownerships

Topics: Starbucks, Coffee, Jerry Baldwin Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: June 29, 2013
Most companies have different types of ownerships; from being a sole proprietor to having a partnership. Starbucks has a legal entity, distinct from any individual persons, with the power to own property and conduct business, also known as a Corporation. From becoming a Corporation, Starbucks has setbacks, but they also have benefits. Starbucks plays a big role in the growth of the United States and many other countries. The transportation options were made possible by railways, commercial airplanes, and mass-produced cars and trucks. They had the ability to pull money by selling shares of stock to outside investors; for example, when they licensed themselves out to Target or Barns and Noble. However, investors can easily and quickly convert their stock into cash by selling it on the open market. Having an ownership like a Corporation can also make your corporate stocks look like an attractive investment, which can increase the number of people and institutions willing to buy or invest their time? Corporations can use shares of their own stock to acquire other companies or find willing buyers for a corporate stock. Starbucks being a corporation has unlimited liability, but the various shareholders who own the corporation face limited liabilities? For example, as much as they put in or invest into that specific company, is as much as they potentially have of losing. Alex Whitt, an Assistant Manager at a Starbucks located in Manteca said, “I enjoy the fact that the company I work for is a Corporation because no matter what store I choose to work at or get transferred to, won’t have a transition I’d really need to get used to.” Meaning, because Starbucks is a Corporation, each individual store is ran the same in some way shape or form; from creating the same experience for each customer to knowing how to make each drink the same because each Starbucks carries the same type of products to produce the same taste in ever cup. It’s always a question that comes up....
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