Starbucks and the Global Market

Topics: Espresso, Starbucks, Coffee Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Identify the controllable and uncontrollable elements that Starbucks has encountered in entering global markets. Starbuck is a great name to be known by the world community. However, Starbucks has experienced a variety of situations that can be controlled and uncontrolled in entering global market. Controllable elements refer to the ability of Starbucks to address problems encountered in entering global markets, while uncontrollable refer to the element in which Starbuck is not able to handle the situation but have tried to adapt according to the situation. The elements that Starbuck can handled and controlled in entering the global market is in term of the strategy to reach the main goals. The excellent of Starbuck mission and vision helped the Starbuck to elevate the Starbuck brands around the world. Starbuck currently has aligned with major brand such as McDonald’s and other. In addition, Starbuck also able to manage their product to fit with a different country’s cultural tastes. For examples, in Asian countries, Starbuck produce the new product comes in two variations to match with local tastes and that is espresso and latte. Starbuck was also facing product prising problem where Starbuck must to make sure that their product prising suitable in line with the current coffee price in different country that their enter. For examples, as the price of coffee in Italy is much cheaper than United Stated in America. In North-Italy, the coffee price is about 67 cents, in the south-Italy just 55 cents. America pays about $1.50 for an espresso. Thus, Starbuck was able to make the best decision to imposing appropriate price that suitable with the market in that countries. Starbuck also experiences the uncontrollable situation where the company cannot control the problem unless Starbuck need to attempt it to entering the global market. Nearest example observably is economically national that also influences others companies condition. According to the article,...
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