Starbucks And McDonalds

Topics: McDonald's, Starbucks, Coffee Pages: 5 (1967 words) Published: May 19, 2015
While comparing the websites of Starbucks and McDonald’s I came to the conclusion that Starbucks is much more customer oriented when it comes to their coffee selection. On the Starbucks website a customer can go online and search the many different types of coffee Starbucks has to offer. You can filter out which kinds of coffee you do not like and the website will show you exactly what you are looking for and show you the exact price. While on the McDonald’s website there is just a list of different products you can choose from and that is it. There is no way to specialize the coffee you order. Differences domestically and internationally between the two businesses differ greatly. McDonalds has a much larger variety of choices in their McCafe brand in Australia than they do in the United States. The same is found in places such as France, Egypt, Italy ect. But as I looked at different websites for Starbucks in the same locations I found that their menu lists got shorter and simpler. They looked more like the United States websites for McDonald’s McCafe drinks. But they still target the college aged and middle to upper class with their above average pricing and gourmet coffee selection. Although McDonald’s is a powerhouse in the fast food industry they lack in targeting the 20+ demographic. Many of their products are made to be affordable so they target middle class families who are active and looking for something fast and affordable much like their McCafe drinks. There is a website for their McCafe drinks called where it has their complete list of McDonald’s McCafe drink selections. Here they are targeting the middle to lower class citizens who want a good cup of coffee but are not willing to pay the premium price that comes along with Starbucks. I came to the conclusion that Starbucks has more effectively reached the 20+ demographic than McDonald’s. Starbucks has pushed themselves to serve the gourmet coffee drinker who most likely have a college degree and an advanced income who is looking for a “third place” between work and home where they can relax and enjoy good food, drink and company. By doing this, Starbucks has tapped into the 20+ demographic by using great marketing methods. They let their products speak for themselves. They look to provide the “perfect cup of coffee” and have “brand marketing”. Starbucks prides itself it having quality products that people will speak highly of. By doing this effectively they cut costs on advertising and can focus more on their products and how they can make a larger variety for their consumers. The “third place” is also a big part do their marketing methods. They use their coffee shops as a place between home and work where customers can have a unique and relaxing experience to unwind and ultimately get through the day. Starbucks is a For-Profit Public Company that is working to understand its global role and responsibility it has as a company. The three global issues Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, has identified and committed the company to help better are, “building a future with farmers, pioneering green retail on a global scale, and creating pathways to opportunity for young people.” Starbucks strives to lead and create opportunities for everyone that comes in contact with Starbucks. The first issue that they are working towards is building a future for farmers. Starbucks invest in coffee farmers and also their communities. “Today almost 400 million pounds- or approximately 96% of Starbucks purchases- are grown sustainably, in a way that protects nature and improves farmers’ livelihoods; this is fundamentally changing the industry,” Dr. M. Sanjayan. Starbucks is collaborating with coffee farmers through open source agronomy and creating impact through farmer loans and community investments, both help to better the lives of farmers and the community they are present in. This is a major issue I find with McDonald’s. They are known as a fast...

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