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Case Study: Starbucks Internal Environment: IFAS a. Corporate Structure i.Howard Schultz is the chairman and chief global strategist. They have a lean corporate structure that allows a lot of money to go to employee health benefits and future growth. Employees are called “partners” Store managers are called weekly to be applauded for good work. The success of the company is directly related to its corporate structure. ii.It is not clear from the case, however, I believe that Starbucks has a corporate structure that is clearly understood by everyone, they try to make all employees feel like they are part of the team. iii. Their corporate structure is consistent with their current corporate objectives as well as strategies, policies and international operations which are run in a similar way. They run their international stores very similar to the ones they have in the US, keeping the no smoking policy and others. This might not be a good strategy for them because different cultures have different habits, it is not necessary that all Starbucks stores, regardless of location, are run in the same manner. b.Corporate culture i. Starbucks does have a well defined corporate culture. They spent very little money on advertising and believe that having the best coffee and customer loyalty are the keys to success. They treat their employees very well offering competitive wages and good benefit packages. The culture in the stores is easy going and very community oriented. They expect all customers to receive a high level of customer service during each and every visit to Starbucks. ii.It is consistent with current objectives, strategies, polices and programs. They try to maintain respect for other cultures while keeping their own policies intact, an example of this is the sections created especially for women in the Middle East locations, so that they too have the ability to enjoy Starbucks. iii.Their culture is compatible with employees diversity of background,...
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