Star dust relationships

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Captain Shakespeare mentor of youth
In the movie Stardust, a movie about a boy becoming a man though a journey for love, relationships play a key role in the plot. Temptation sent the main character Tristan on a journey that will change the course of his life. Tristan eventually finds the fallen star and the relationship between Yvaine and Tristan has begun. Tristan and Yvaine learn many things along their journey especially while meeting Captain Shakespeare. The things they learn from Captain Shakespeare are that, there are lifetimes to build seconds to destroy, Tristan becomes a man and they both learn that true love is right in front of them.

Tristan’s lust towards Victoria has sent him on a journey to find the fallen star, which has fallen on the other side of the wall, a place where people from England are not to cross. When Tristan finds the star, Yvaine, he takes her on the journey back to the wall. Eventually after a period of time they end up in the clouds where they are picked up by the terrifying captain Shakespeare. Captain Shakespeare is a man hiding something else, something that he wouldn’t show someone he doesn’t trust, hiding the fact that he has a very soft side. He devised a way to get Tristan and Yvaine to the wall. During that time he shows Tristan how to fight and Yvaine to waltz, the whole time trying to hide this soft side he has, even though he is overflowing with joy. He reveals to Yvaine about the known fact that she is a star since she has been glowing brighter every day and he thinks he knows exactly why. This mentor to pupil relationship is one that relates to many different things, such as the kids learning from their parents.

The second thing these two learn from Captain Shakespeare is that there are lifetimes to build and seconds to destroy. This means what it sounds like, one has a whole lifetime to build a reputation for them, while yet there are seconds to destroy. Captain Shakespeare is a fine representation of this...
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