Stanhope Is the Hero in "Journey's End"

Topics: Hero, The Dugout, Members of the United Kingdom Parliament for English constituencies Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: September 27, 2010
During the time Raleigh's was at school, Stanhope had been his hero throughout. Stanhope had earned the Military Cross; this is a symbol of bravery, one which does not go unnoticed. Stanhope also had three years of experience in the war, one year of which was as a company commander. He has a large reputation with his officers and men, and Raleigh hears many good comments about Stanhope being the best company commander in the battalion. Raleigh worshiped Stanhope as a hero at school that he had indulged in at school. It was a natural development that the brilliant rugby captain and house prefect should become a war hero. Osborne knew that Raleigh still saw Stanhope as a hero even though Stanhope himself could not believe or recognise it.

After Raleigh's arrival, Stanhope reacts twice in act one to different things, but Raleigh seems to go on unknowing, oblivious to Stanhope’s change in attitude from school, showing that Raleigh admires Stanhope even more. Stanhope suspects that his dependency on the alcohol to keep him going will be reported Raleigh's letter home makes him angry. This is only Stanhope's view, however, Osborne tells him: 'You imagine things'. Stanhope is the corrected moments later when Raleigh's letter is read out: 'I'm awfully proud to think he's my friend’ /this shows to Stanhope that Raleigh understands, But because of all Stanhope’s previous thoughts and the effect of alcohol, he is blinded from the truth.

Hibbert's one aim is to get away from the front line as soon as possible and to achieve this he feigns sickness. He prepares the ground as soon as he enters the dugout by refusing supper, owing to 'this beastly neuralgia'. Stanhope is unimpressed and characterizes him to Osborne as 'another little worm trying to wriggle home'. The crisis is reached the following afternoon when Hibbert makes a determined effort to report sick before the attack. He emerges from his sleeping-quarters to announce his departure and, despite Stanhope's...
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