StandardizedTestsandInformal Reading Assessments

Topics: Standardized test, Education, Psychometrics Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: October 12, 2013

Standardized Tests and Informal Reading Assessments
Daniel Bowen
Grand Canyon University
Curriculum Methods and Assessments: Literacy and Language Arts EED-475
July 10, 2013

Standardized Tests and Informal Reading Assessments
Many teachers’ today are experience increased pressure in proving their effectiveness in teaching students through standardized testing. With the standardized testing schools and teachers are graded on their ability to provide a proper education for their children. If the school scores and A+ people believe that the school is effective in teaching their students. The school scores a D are below the school is believed to be ineffective. Unfortunately many schools are judged according to the results of standardized testing. Even though the results of testing is misleading as to the staff effectiveness in teaching. Yet these results are what everybody relies on. (Timeout From, n.d.) What is standardized testing: is a tool that measures a student’s ability to perform at a certain academic level. Being highly controversial standardized testing will always be debated. As the debate continues we can be assured that standard testing will not disappear. This paper with examining several pros and cons by both sides of the standard testing debate.(Timeout From, n.d.) Pro;

1) Standardized testing will hold student and teacher accountable. Students are purposed in mastering certain skills and applying them throughout the test. Teachers are required to adjust their curriculum based on results of these assessments. The failure of so many students can bring the school under a microscope can cause loss of jobs teachers who are not meeting standards. 2) Standardized testing is able to test and compare students from different school districts. Students are required to take the same test. Standardized testing allows this to occur comparing...

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