Standardized Tests

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Standardized Tests
Schools across the United States are forced to give their students standardized tests. Standardized tests are multiple choice tests based on a list of state standards that a teacher is required to teach. The state makes schools give these tests to measure student achievement. In most schools, these tests go toward a big percentage of a student’s grade and in some cases determine whether the student will pass or fail a class. One can argue that standardized tests are useful; however, more people would argue that the tests are unfair and ineffective. Even though standardized tests are said to be useful in measuring student achievement, they should not be given because each student learns differently, they affect how much students will learn, they are harmful to student confidence, and some students are not good test takers.

First, standardized tests are ineffective because each student learns differently. There are four different types of learning: visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and auditory. Since each student learns differently, student achievement should not be measured by using the same form of tests each year. A teacher should know a student’s strengths and weaknesses; therefore a teacher should be able to test each student in a way that is fair to the student. For example, in a case where students cannot read well a teacher could give the class a verbal test. Also, low-income students predictably score below students with higher socioeconomic status (Powell 159). Teacher made tests would be much more effective and useful than a test given by someone who has not been in a classroom setting with the students. Standardized tests are not only unfair because each student learns differently, but also because the tests modify how much students will learn. Second, Standardized tests affect how much the students will learn. In order for a student to do well on a test, he or she has to be taught the material that will be on the test. This...

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