Standardized Testing

Topics: Standardized test, Observation, Psychometrics Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The morning sunlight shining partially through the window onto a student who is waiting to begin his standardized exam. The student glancing through the window, looking at man running down the street trying to make it on time to work. The man has lingering thoughts on his mind about a project deadline that he should have been more organized with. The man running around the corner past a older women talking on the phone, a conversation that the man could not interpret. This older woman who recently came into the United States as an immigrant was having a conversation about this new county to a fellow relative. I would like to share my way of knowing through my observation and participation experiences in each of the following topics. Throughout the years a great volume of knowledge has been acquired by me in standardized tests, time management, and immigration, each of these topics knowledge gained through participation and observation.     

First, standardized testing is a method of measuring progress in schools and to place students into proper programs. The purpose of these tests are to see the abilities and skills acquired by students during a learning timeframe. However, can they really determine true abilities of a student. From my personal experience in taking standardized tests throughout my educational lifetime, I believe these tests are not accurately measuring ones knowledge. For example, I was taking an SAT exam. Throughout this exam I had noticed there were repetitive trick questions and the wording was not very clear. These exams factor in questions and answers that are not very clear, resulting in misperception to the tester. 

Second, the topic of time management is knowledge obtained through participation and element everyone can relate too.  In the past and present everyone has made changes in the way they manage tasks throughout their lifetime. Time management can be seen as an effect way to balance out the stress load of goals one needs to...
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