Standardized Test Scores and Its Effects on Students

Topics: High school, Standardized test, SAT, Education in the United States, Standardized tests, Psychometrics / Pages: 2 (767 words) / Published: Sep 20th, 2014
Have you ever sat down and thought about college and how one test can determine what college you can/will get accepted to. Everyone knows that colleges place so much stock into these standardized test scores. Knowing this makes students worried and develop anxiety about test taking. Colleges use these standardized tests to predict how well we do in college to succeed.Colleges shouldn’t be allowed to put that much pressure on us for our test scores on SAT’s or Act’s. “We all have different abilities, thought processes, experiences and genes so why is a class full of individuals tested by the same means?” Its not fair to test us all on the same test when we all are different and some of us are better test takers than others.These test scores are merely a justification on who will do well in our school system not in college or our future life. These test results aren’t the best way to predict if a student has good potential because some kids are better test takers than others are. Student Rachel Voznak, says, “…That is what is at stake when, come April, I take the ACT. I did not have an issue with taking standardized tests before, but now, as a junior in high school, it hit me that those hours locked in a room will determine my imminent opportunities. Many colleges focus on what score students receive on the standardized tests they take as juniors. Some will even discard an application if the score is not high enough. Seventeen is too young. It is too young to complete a test that predetermines my future.” These tests don’t test us on skills and traits that make one be successful you need to have creativity, collaboration, vision, perseverance, and self-discipline. “In fact, studies have shown that students who do not take standardized tests are excellent college students, that standardized testing ignores high school grades and that these tests cannot predict college readiness.”
If standardized tests are easy to cheat on then that shows

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