Standardazaion in Supply Chain

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Part 1
Standardization of Containerization
1.Common type of container2-4
2.Benefit of Standardization in container5
3.Evolution of container6-7
4.Initiative standardization of container in Singapore7

Part 1
Standardization of Containerization
5.Common type of pallet8-10
6.Benefit of Standardization in pallet11
7.Case Studies of successful standardisation project12




Standardisation is increasingly recognised as a vital means to improve the efficiency and productivity of enterprises. As the national standards body for Singapore, SPRING Singapore’s role is to improve productivity, quality and market access for businesses and industries, protect consumer interests and enhance safety, health and environmental conditions for Singapore through the use of standardization.

With globalisation and the infocomm environment, standards are essential to ensure interconnectivity and interoperability for efficiency and increased productivity. To have a competitive edge, companies, especially SMEs need to be aware of standards and the advantage of implementing standards.

In today's competitive and globalised environment, standards have become increasingly important in enhancing trade and productivity. The productivity boost that SIP(s bring gives an added edge to companies. Standardisation has a major impact on our lives as standards provide the fundamentals for our daily transactions. The benefits of standardisation are wide and many.

Chapter 1
Part 1
Standardization of Containerization

1. Common types of Container

|Standard 20' |[pic] | |inside |inside | |length |width | |inside |inside | |length |width | |inside |inside | |length |width | |inside |inside | |length |width | |inside |inside | |length |width | |inside...
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