Stand by me The movie

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Stand By Me
Four young adolescent started in the movie “Stand By Me.” This movie illustrates the struggle of four young boys and what was it like to be an adolescent during the fifties. Each one of the young boys has experience some way or another the lack of attention or love from their parents and ridicule from their friends. Chris, who is the leader of the group, has gone through a lot of suffering during his childhood. Gordie, who is Chris best friend, is invisible to his parents, especially even more after his brother’s death. He is an extremely smart kid, in fact the smartest of the group, who can potentially become a great and famous writer since he loves writing and telling stories, as it was shown throughout must of the movie. Teddy, in the other hand is very sensitive, however he tries to build this strong persona or shelf because he does not want others to feel petty for him since he has been experiencing constant abuse from his father. Then there is Vern who was a little different compared to the rest of his friends. As the movie progresses, Vern never seemed to face any traumatic or tragic events throughout his life. At times he could be very optimistic and or pessimistic, but besides that he was considered to be the must innocent of the group. Their adventure started when Vern overhears a conversation between two adolescents who were part of the leader of Chris’s brother’s crew. He overhears their conversation as he was searching for the money he hided and buried, but couldn’t remember where was the last spot he buried it. Vern, later on decides to tell his friends about the conversation he previously heard. This was about the body of a young boy who was dead and was out by the tracks. As a result, Chris thought it was a good idea for them to go out to the train tracks and find the boy’s body. During the process of trying to find the body of this young mysterious boy, they became even closer and their cultural beliefs, and gender eventually influences their paths in which they will individually and collectively take at some point throughout their adventure.

In the American culture family is considered a major influence on the adolescent’s behavior. Even though, family was not a central focus during the movie, it did reflect how the attitudes and behaviors parents reflect upon their kids could affect their adolescent’s behaviors and actions. In the movie Teddy’s ear was burn on the stove by his father, and was constantly abused by him as well. Although, he has experience victimization from his father, he defended him when a junkyard man called him a “looney.” This brought back memories of the abuse he suffer by his father, and as a result he responded by coursing at him and saying, “ don’t ever call my father a looney or I will kill you, and rip off your head.” The words of this man infuriated him, to the point he was about to loose it and attack him. If it wasn’t because there was a metal fence separating them, he would of physically done something to the junkyard man. Then there is Chris, who feels like he has to act like a big and tough boy because of his big brother’s reputation in the small town in which they live. It seems like he had a critical type of relationship with his brother. This is because their relationship was all based on dispute and ridicule. Next, you have Gordie, who was filled with insecurities after his big brother’s dead. He became more invisible to his parents and became just a shadow to his parents because his football player brother was not with them any more. Differential parenting played an important role in Godie’s family since his parent’s behavior towards his brother completely differed from Gordie’s. His parents exhibited way more interest in his brother’s extracurricular activities and personal life. Besides this, his parents could also be considered disengaged parents. This is because they were not as involved with Gordie’s personal and academic life as much and...
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