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Topics: Edward James Olmos, If You Have to Ask, A Good Day Pages: 5 (1193 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Edward James OlmosJamie A. Escalante
Lou Diamond PhilipsAngel Guzman
Carmen ArgenzianoMr. Molina (Principal)
Vanessa MarquezAna Delgado
Ingrid OliuGuadalupe ‘Lupe’ Escobar
Will GotayPancho
Ratrick BacaJavier Perales (the guy with galsses)
Mark EliotTito Grande
Virginia ParisRaquel Ortega (Math Department Chair)
Karla Montana…………………………………………………………Claudia Camejo (beautiful girl)

Sexy girl in the class:
-“can we talk about sex”
-Then I’d have to give sex for homework

Neighbor come along
-why didn’t you come to me while you got laid off? We pay kids right out of the college $30,000 to start. -I didn’t get laid off Joe, I want to teach.

Cutting Apple
“Fill the Hole” finger man -2+2=? Net head, answer it! Come on, anybody can do it, just fill the hole! Don’t let these burros laugh at you.

Secretry: if you have higher scores, start by chaning the economic level of this community. -secretary: you cant teach logarithms to illiterates, these kids come to us woth barely a 7th grade education, this isn’t a teacher in this room who isn’t doing everything he possibly can. -Escalante: I’m not, I could teach more.

-principle: what do you need Mr Escalante?
-Ganas, all we need is ganas.

-The meeting is to review the recommendations for accreditation. “we lack the resources to implement the changes the district demands” Mr. Sanzaki: this may not be the right time to say this but, Im sorry I wont be coming back after Christmas. I got a job with aerospace. –“how much money”

Mr. Escalante gives Angel 3 books, and Escalante gets protection from him. Sophia refuses to take the quiz, and she was asked to sit in the front of class, Escalante ask her “what’s the matter with you, are you the dumb students? Come on!!!”

While Ana is unable to return to school, Escalante find his father. “ana can be the first in your family to graduate and go to college.” “she could help the family more by getting an education”. “she will waste her life here, she’s a top kid” “she could go to college then teach you how to run the place”.

Escalante class is on a field trip to a technical company. And he decide to teach calculus after one of his collegue says his daughter uses calculus computer program in her highschool.

Secrerary: that’s ridiculous, they haven’t had trig or math analysis. Our kids cant handle calculus, we don’t even have the books.

Escalante: I teach calculus or have a good day.

* And Escalante give everyone a contract to ask their parents to sign it,

Claudia explains caluculus to her mother
Boys don’t like it if your’re smart.
Mom I’m doing this so I don’t have to depend on some dumb guy for the rest of my life.

Pancho didn’t get the contact signed because his uncle offered him a job operating a forklift at weekends. “two years in the union and I’ll make more than you”. * Escalante take him to a ride, and pancho keep saying “the money I’ll be making wil bu me a new Trans AM” * Escalante says” wouldn’t you rather be designing these than reparing them? You can’t even do that, they got fuel injection.” “all you see is the turn, you don’t see the road ahead.

Claudia thinks math is messes up her life
“everything s falling apart, my boyfriend is freaking out, school sucks, I’m in that classroom all day, look at my clothes and my hair, I cant even comb it, I hate my life”

ESCANALANTE: Try the shortcut. This is easy. Baby stuff for boyscouts. PANCHO: Kemo, my mind don’t work this way!
ESCALANTE: Tic-tac-toe! It’s a piece of cake upside down. Watch for the green light. Pancho stares at the board, and then thumps it with his fist. PANCHO: I’ve been with you guys two years! Everybody knows I’m the dumbest. I can’t handle calculus! These guys have a better chance of making the A.P. test without me. Javier snickers. PANCHO: Don’t laugh.

ESCALANTE: How could we laugh? You’re breaking our hearts. PANCHO: Don’t do this, Kemo.
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