Stand and Deliver

Topics: Education, Psychology, Want Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: April 3, 2007
I feel this movie teaches a very valuable lesson to students. I have seen this movie numerous times throughout my high school years. Every time I watch it I get the same message out of it. I feel that Escalante is a teacher that every student would be lucky to have. He is completely dedicated to helping his students pass the calculus test. I do realize that he does demand a lot out of his students but in the end it definitely pays off because they manage to stay focused long enough to learn the material. This is possible because Escalante is a determined teacher who cares deeply about his students and wants the best for them. I would not want to work during holidays because I believe if you work to hard sometime you can get burnt out. I think that sometimes your brain needs a vacation to clear your mind so you can be more focused after vacation.

I do not know If I would be able to handle the pressure of having a teacher that demanded so much from me. I would want a teacher that was as determined and concerned as Escalante but did not put as much pressure on his students. I want not like a teacher to become involved in my personal life because some things are meant to stay at home. I don't think that I would like a teacher to call home and tell my parents what to do about my education because although it is nice that he cares enough to call home it is not the teacher's place to make a decision about a student's education.

Also teachers should not use a students personal life to make a point in the classroom because it makes a person feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. When you are in a classroom a teacher should not use your personal life as a reference to a problem. I think when Escalante gives his students nicknames it helps build a more personal relationship between the teacher and students. They are not mean to be hurtful although sometimes if taken the wrong way can lead to problems. In the movie the nicknames just help the teacher and students...
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