Stand and Deliver

Topics: Edward James Olmos, Stand and Deliver, Jaime Escalante Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Stand and Deliver Characters

* Jaime "Kimo" Escalante
Jaime Escalante: The Bolivian math teacher who prepares his students for the AP Calculus test. (played by Edward James Olmos) He brought his students from doing "bonehead" math, to algebra in the first school year. Then he decided to teach them calculus. This required him to teach the students trigonometry and math analysis over the summer. Then he spent Saturdays, breaks, and mornings teaching them calculus so they could be successful. * Tito: The cool rocker played by pop singer, Eliot, (billed as Mark Eliot). * Angel "Net Head" Guzman: A troublesome, but brilliant, boy who must help his grandmother because he does not live with his parents. He struggles with math and juggles studying and hanging out with his delinquent friends. He wants to learn but does not want his peers to know that he wants to learn. (played by Lou Diamond Phillips) * Francisco "Pancho" Garcia: A stronger character who experiences much difficulty with math because of his limited study skills * Ana Delgado: A shy, quiet girl attending Garfield High on scholarship who excels at math. She aspires to go to college and become a doctor, but is discouraged by her father, who wants her to support his restaurant. She is one of the few that inspires Mr. Escalante to teach the Calculus class (Vanessa Marquez, the actress who portrays Ana, later turned as a student nurse) * Claudia Camejo: The resident beauty. Everyone (including Pancho) wants to be with her, and her love life, much to her dismay, is constantly joked about by Mr. Escalante. She takes the calculus classes to prove that she is more than just another pretty face and that she can rely on her own skills, unlike her mother. * Guadalupe "Lupe" Escobar: A student who must take care of her mother's children while also juggling with school work. She refuses to be Pancho's girlfriend, as he expects her to be his "girlfriend on command". * Rafaela...
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