Stan Lee's Involvement In Marvel Comics

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Today, there are many superhero movies about Marvel characters, but have you ever thought about the people who created these characters? Stan Lee is a great comic book creator who produced many superheroes we know and love today. He created famous characters like the Fantastic Four, Spider-man and many more. Stan Lee’s full name is Stanley Martin Lieber and he was born on December 28, 1922, in New York City. He married to Joan Bootcock in 1947 and had one daughter.

Stan Lee started his career when he was hired as an office assistant at Timely Comics in 1939. When he became a writer, he shortened his last name to Lee. In the 1940s, he became the company’s interim editor and a year after, he produced text filler for Captain America Comics...

This was his first involvement in superhero comics and it was just the beginning. In WWII, Lee served domestically as a writer and illustrator. In the 1950s, he re-joined the comic company and made a variety genre of comics called Atlas Comics which were about romance, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

In 1961, Lee’s publisher, Martin Goodman, told him to create a series for Marvel Comics to counter DC Comics. Timely Comics had been changed to Atlas Comics and now it’s been changed to Marvel Comics. Lee worked with the illustrator, Jack Kirby and together they created the Fantastic Four. It wasn’t long before the duo created the Hulk, Spider-man, Doctor Strange, Daredevil and the X-Men. Marvel Comics became more and more popular and Lee was promoted to editorial director and publisher. In 1971, he wrote a story for bad-effects on drugs and included it in The Amazing Spider-man. This was appreciated for spreading a responsible message and it helped loosen the Comics Code Authority's strict guidelines on the portrayal of drugs in comics. From 1975, he became more known for Marvel Comics...
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