Stalker Ex-Boyfriend

Topics: Chile, Domestic violence, Santiago de Compostela Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: September 22, 2011
Stalker Ex-Boyfriend

Having a stalker is already a problem, but when he is your ex-boyfriend things get worse because that is the moment when you find out that that sweet and lovely person you were with during a long (o short) time making promises of an everlasting love was merely a wolf in sheep's clothing. The fact that he is your ex means that during the time you were together he knew everything about your life: your timetable at university, the place and hours you work, your smell, your family and friends, and the password of all the websites you are registered. This person belongs to the type of rejected stalkers, which is often the most persistent and intrusive type of stalker. They are commonly aggressive with poor social network as a result of their lack of social skills and they normally have violent behavior to their partner. It is possible that this ex-boyfriend employs intimidation and assault in pursuit of their victim so as to get his goal which, most of the times, ends with the victim’s life.

A possible solution to get rid of this stalker ex-boyfriend is by running away to another city, changing your name, loosing touch with the ones you love and erasing every footprint upon this earth without considering the idea of get back someday. If you run away to another city leaving behind everything about your life forever, you won’t be caught by this stalker ex. Another option is calling your frightening Viking-like friends to make the stalker an offer he can’t refuse. Your ex will feel afraid in front of such intimidating group of people but, be aware you didn’t introduce them before so you won’t get into more trouble. The third option is calling the police and gathering as many proves as you can: recordings, threatening e-mails, pictures, etc. There are laws for you to be safe in this sort of situations. You might feel more afraid about your life and safety than you already are but, if you do not ask for help, your fears become reality...
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