Stalin's Economic Policies

Topics: Economics, Operation Barbarossa, Kulak Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: March 24, 2014
To what extent were the economic policies of Stalin successful? When Stalin in 1922 became the leader of the USSR some of his first major decisions were to introduce new economic policies. These were the collectivization of agriculture followed by the three five-year plans. There were both positive and negative effects of each of these economic policies, which this essay will discuss, coming to the conclusion that it was mainly a failure due to the amount of human lives lost.

Stalin’s first economic policy was the collectivization of the agriculture, which was in several ways successful for Russia and its economy. More workers to the cities
They could develop more machines
The efficiently produced grain (led to famine)

Even though the collectivization was a success to some extent it could also be considered as a huge failure, considering the cost it had on many human lives. Led to a famine killing 7 million people

Kulaks sent to Gulags or killed

The five-year plans were introduced in 1928 and were in the beginning considered as a success for Russia. They became a more industrialized nation
When Germany invaded Russia in 1941 they managed to withhold Living standards improved
On the other hand, the five-year had both a human cost was also to some extent inefficient. They didn’t consider the individuals, Russia was prioritized. Prices on food went up
Wages went down
Living standards declined
The peasants working In factories were not very skilled, lacked experience They didn’t have the instruments needed

In conclusion, both the collectivization of agriculture as well as the five-year plans influenced Russia both to the better and to the worse. Even though Russia as a country became highly developed under a short period of time, and the fact that the living standards for many people to some extent improved, it is still safe to say that the fact that around 7 million people died was a huge downfall for the policies. Because of this the...
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