Stalin of Russia

Topics: Soviet Union, Great Purge, Leon Trotsky Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: September 8, 2013

It was said by many that Stalin was a great and successful leader, however, though he was successful in industrialising Russia, Stalin proved to be a cruel, merciless leader to his people. The economic growth of Russia under Stalin’s rule was abundant, but the human loss was devastating. Stalin was also very paranoid and took great measures in the purging process, eliminating all potential threats, mainly focusing on ex and current members from the communist party. The examples briefly mentioned, will be explained and analysed more thoroughly, justifying why Stalin was successful in terms of industrialising Russia, but failed as a leader to his people.

Before Stalin came to power, Russia was at least fifty years behind in relation to industrialisation, compared to its rivals; the westernised capitalist countries. Stalin had planned to abolish this fifty year gap in just a short ten years. In order to achieve this, Russia had to be less dependent on its Agricultural lifestyle and more reliant on industrialisation. The production rate of Russia was low compared to other countries, and Stalin felt that in order to survive a potential attack against an anti-communist country, the USSR needed to invest in materials such as coal, iron, steel and power in order to defend itself. To achieve the vast production of the USSR, Stalin had created a set of plans called the ‘five year plans’. The first of these plans were aimed at expanding and modernising already existing factories, to establish new factories, and relocate those in the west closer to the east. The workers suffered in result to these plans, and were set unrealistic goals which they needed to achieve. They were given no leave and had to work for over 11 hours of intense labour at a time, though there is no doubt that...
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