Stalin and Clay Perspectives

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History 1.4 perspective Draft
Daniel Selley
Interview with US Commander Lucius Clay:
Do you think communism was contained well after WW2?
I believe that communism was not contained very well after WW2 because communism managed to spread to Korea, Vietnam, China and Cuba. Communism parties took control in these countries. This spread of Communism was exactly what we didn’t want because if Communism spread too much then we would lose control of it and then it would spread to most of the Middle East. Losing control of communism would be a disaster, if Communism spread to most of the Middle East then who knows where else it will go. Luckily Communism didn’t spread to as much of the Middle East as I had feared it would. What is your perspective on the Blockade?

I personally believe that the Berlin blockade move made by Stalin was an act of war because by blockading off the vital railways and roads to West Berlin, the USSR were starving a whole civilisation. This action was also demonstrating that Stalin was trying to force us to give him our (U.S, Britain, Italy) parts of Berlin to him and this was a very aggressive move, trying to bend us to his will. Why do you hold this perspective?

I hold this view because starving a whole civilisation and forcing other nations to give him land cannot be anything less than an act of war! Stalin knows this is an act of war but he’s so focused on controlling all of Berlin that he will do what it takes to try bend us over to his demands. We were not going to give in though; I knew that I had to think of a way to deliver supplies to West Berlin. I believe that this move by Stalin was also due to his hatred of the German people. Although what Russia and Stalin suffered during WW2 was terrible, he should not be punishing innocent civilians like this in a time so soon after war. What actions did you take as a result of your perspective?

We knew we couldn’t let the West Berliners starve, but we also couldn’t give in to Stalin. I originally was going to move Tanks up to the blockade to intimidate Stalin and make him move the blockade but others thought this might cause war. We decided to airlift supplies to West Berlin, although this was very expensive it was a perfect idea, we used the Berlin airways to send planes over to deliver food and other needed supplies. This would mean that we could supply to Berlin while not taking an aggressive move towards Stalin.

What is your perspective on the airlift?
The Berlin Airlift was a great success! We managed to supply tons and tons of food to Berlin, we had airplanes landing in West Berlin and taking off every three minutes. We were sending five thousand tons of food every day! This was far more than when we were supplying via railway. Even though I originally wanted to take a more intimidating approach, I’m glad that we decided to airlift. Stalin also wouldn’t shoot down the planes due to this being considered a war act. He did fly planes extremely close to our planes though. Just under a hundred pilots died because of this aggressive act by Stalin. Why do you hold this perspective?

The airlift is what saved the Berliners and also what saved our parts of Berlin. If we didn’t airlift then either West Berlin would starve or we would have to give away our parts of Berlin. The airlift was the perfect counterpart to Stalin’s blockade. He thought he had us in a corner but the airlift proved him wrong. We could supply huge amounts to Berlin quickly and effectively. I believe that Stalin shot himself in the foot by putting up the blockade. We managed to get huge amounts of food to the Berlin people, and we kept our parts of Berlin. This is the opposite of what Stalin wanted. I truly believe that the airlift was one of the best decisions made during the Cold War due to it being non-aggressive and how successful it was for supplying to West Berlin. What are your views on WW2 ally USSR now becoming a foe?

I think it is a great loss to lose...
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