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A stakeholder is any individual or group who can affect or is affected by the actions, decisions, policies, practices, or goals of the organisation (Freeman 1984, 25). They have the interests in the activities of an organization and can be divided into internal and external stakeholders. In addition, there are different levels of stakeholders: primary and secondary. The level of stakeholders depends on the political, economic and social environment. Internal stakeholders are those from within the business, e.g. managers, employees and shareholders. In the Icelandic banks, the internal stakeholders are managers, staff and employees of the Icelandic bank, and there is no doubt that the owners are the most important stakeholders among all of them. The staff and employees get the paid from company directly and do service for them, that is why they are the internal stakeholders.

The external stakeholders are such as suppliers, government, financiers which influence and are influenced by organization but are not its ‘internal part’ (business dictionary). The primary stakeholders are 300,000 British citizens and Icesave housing customers like David Pedrick and his wife, even though they just has a little interest in it,domestic creditors are also a part of external stakeholders. The secondary stakeholders are governments, the media, the pressure groups Liberty and the communities where organizations are nearby or located like Kaupthing Singer& Friendlander which is the subsidiary company. Moreover, the strongest stakeholder is the National Council for Voluntary Organizations. Because it controls many important things and makes more decisions.

The purpose of a power/interest matrix is that helps people analyse the relative power and interest of the stakeholders,and divide them into different groups on the base of the level of interest and power of them.

Stakeholder analysis is part of the strategic management function of a firm. The analysis can be used for a...
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