stakeholder theory

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Stakeholder Theory
Defining it in relationship to Social Responsibility

Author note

This paper will help our class research the Stakeholder theories to come up with a framework to address the issues in the Niger Delta, defining principle of who or what really counts concerning the core, the fringe and other stakeholders; so that this project will be socially responsible and a win-win for all.

This paper will explore and define the what, who and why of stakeholders, I have read a number of articles and looked for definitions of what is a stakeholder. We will explore the finding to help us frame the research the core stakeholders and fringes stakeholders and all in between looking what stakes in it for who and what. Those the definitions’ may differ and the degree of power with the scale influence or lack of influence on the outcome of project, corporation

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); stakeholder approach; stakeholder theory; social and environmental responsibilities

The Oxford English Dictionary entry quotes probably the earliest recorded definition, dated 1708, of what it is to be a stakeholder, to have something to gain or lose by the turn of events, or to have an interest in an event or concern. Contemporary definitions of stakeholder range from the highly specific to the general. Freeman's now-classic definition of a stakeholder includes “any group or individual who may affect or be affected by the obtainment of the organization's goals, objectives, decisions, policies, practices and operations. In recent years, the growing importance of the stakeholder concept has been highlighted by several academic forums. Along with two international conferences convened in 1993 and 1994 at the University of Toronto in Canada, NÄSI organized a conference in the summer of 1994 on stakeholder thinking at the University of Jyäskylä in Finland. In addition, the British ROYAL...
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