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Topics: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States, Gun politics Pages: 7 (1700 words) Published: November 18, 2014
An American Right
A long-standing right to citizens of the United States is dwindling at the hands of government officials. The right to bear arms, protected by the 2nd amendment has been up for debate nationwide for over a decade. Fearing that the right to private gun ownership will soon be diminished, the topic has gained the attention of people nationwide. Theories surrounding gun control figure that without firearms in citizen possession murder rates and gun related violence should heavily decrease. This does not prove to be the case. With two strong opposing sides, the debate remains unresolved. Pro Private Gun Ownership

Newton Gingrich, politician, historian, and author stated that the constitution does not give citizens the right to bear arms; it says the right shall not be infringed. The founding fathers of this nation understood that this right is essential for the protection of liberty. These men experienced this first-hand during the battles of Lexington and Concord over 200 years ago. The first battle of the American Revolution was fought in defense of the right to bear arms against the British. The colonial rebels were able to rise and defeat the British at the mercy of their privately owned guns.

Guns provide the protection of liberty, the protection of self, and family. Home invasions, break ins, and burglaries are a daily occurrence nationwide and worldwide. The odds of successful self-protection without a firearm against an armed intruder are not likely. “Far fewer women would be raped, far fewer children would be killed, far fewer towns would be destroyed, and far fewer dictators would survive if people everywhere on the planet had this God-given right to bear arms recognized” (Gingrich). If everyone had the right to gun ownership, less people would be likely to commit crimes and violence against those that are armed as well.

Concealed carry permits allow citizens to carry a holstered handgun upon government approval. According to The Nation online, obtaining a concealed carry permit requires an extensive background check and often takes several months for approval. The advantages of this permit extend beyond the protection of self. In the event of a public shooting, a citizen with this special permit could aid in ending the standoff, protect others around them and themself. A concealed carry permit also provides protection against thieves, whether it is a robbery of personal belongings such as a purse or wallet, or even a car jacking. Due to the severity of these background checks, only those with a clean criminal record, sound state of mind and character are approved.

Guns play a large role in recreational activities that Americans have long enjoyed. Hunting with firearms has been practiced since the 13th century and long since provided many with a way to obtain food. Those who chose to hunt game primarily rely on firearms to hunt and kill animals. For some, game hunting is nothing more than a hobby but for others it is a source for food. Animal hides and fur are used as clothing and for decoration. There is a large market surrounding animal fur as it is used to make coats, rugs, and footwear. For people that live in wooded areas, firearms provide protection against wild animals that might threaten their life and property.

Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity that involves the use of shotguns in attempt to shatter clay disks that are flung into the air via machine at a high rate of speed. There are various forms of skeet shooting, one of which is an Olympic sport. Skeet shooting ranges provide a place for the public to enjoy the activity, but some chose to do skeet shooting on their own property. This also is used as practice for waterfowl hunting and other forms of bird hunting. This activity would not be possible without the use of shotguns.

Gun shooting ranges exist nationwide and provide a safe place for people to shoot...
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