Stakeholder Expectations

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Stakeholder Expectations

In any business stakeholders are of many types; falling either into a category of a shareholder, customer, employee, government or general public. However their expectations are plenty. In the sense these parties anticipate many from the organization. Shareholders

A Share holder is an investor who has exchanged equity in the business for the investment; owning shares of stock in a corporation. While various amounts held determine their actual control of the business, for corporations along with the ownership the shareholders get the right to declare dividends and also the right to vote on certain company matters including selection of board of directors. Maximizing profits can be identified as the most common expectation of a shareholder in any organization unless it’s a non-profit. They have invested with a certain level of hope towards the return. Similarly the shareholders want to see an organization prosper day after day. Therefore they always look to expand the business and diversify it in whatever possible manner with least risk. Although some organizations reach peak, they fail to maintain it. The ultimate goal of any shareholder is to sustain in growth. Strategies are formulated and implemented with this intention. Social Recognition to the business is another shareholder expectation. The same way they expect profits after investing they want the corporate to have a valuable goodwill. Technological growth, to be the benchmark in the industry, share price to be at true market value are some more factors that a shareholder expects from an organization.

A customer, also called client, buyer, or purchaser, is usually used to refer to a current or potential buyer or user of the products/services of an individual or organization. Customer spends his precious money in order to enjoy a quality product or service. Value for money is an explicit expectation of a customer. He always expects the good or the service he...
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