Stakeholder and Cisco Employees

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1. What is Cisco’s objective?
a. In this scenario, Cisco’s objective is expand it company headquarters into a massive industrial park on 400-acres of land just outside of San Jose, CA
2. Who are the relevant market and non-market stakeholders in this situation?
a. Market Stake holders: Cisco employees, suppliers, customers, retailers, creditors, community
b. Non Market stake holders: community, activist, general public, environmentalist
3. What are their interests? Please indicate if each stakeholder is in favor or opposed to the Coyote Valley development project, and why?
a. Cisco employees – Favor. The plan would be a step to expand the company. This would allow employee growth in skills as well a career.
b. Suppliers – Favor. Suppliers would win big in this project. As Cisco expands, so does the need for supplies.
c. Retailers – Favor. Retailers would receive goods in a timely fashion and be able to offer Cisco products to customers
d. Creditors – Favor. If the plan succeeds, creditors would receive payments and collect interest on loans.
e. Community – Half of the community are in favor. Cisco’s plan would bring more opportunities to the city adding value to neighborhoods. The other half of the community are opposed because the plan does not include housing for Cisco employees which means the local agricultures workers would be driven out once the neighborhood value increased. The roads would be clogged and local services would be strained.
f. Environmentalist – oppose. Environmentalists believe the plan would pollute the air with car emissions, destroy valuable habitat and contribute to

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