Stakeholder Analysis- Fracking

Topics: Natural gas, Pollution, Stakeholder Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: February 26, 2013
BA 3102
February 12, 2012
Stakeholder Analysis

Pursuing hydraulic fracturing as a top manager of Chevron, I will describe the dilemmas that are associated with fracking. The first problem with this procedure is finding the appropriate land and leasing it from the landowners. With talk around the country, it can be difficult finding land because of landowners’ personal experience with the practice of hydraulic fracturing. In southwestern Pennsylvania there have been cases of animal birth defects, faucet erosion, stomach pains, and other health issues; in response, according to the New York Times, “Range Resources maintains that a D.E.P. study from 2010 indicates no air pollution of any kind” (Griswold, 2011). The country is torn in the middle of believing in natural gases and not believing. According to Huffington Post, “A report that the Congressional Research Service, which provides policy and legal analysis to the U.S. Congress, published in November also seems to support the industry’s sales pitch: ‘Given existing data, most indications point to the changes in the natural gas industry as positive to the overall U.S. economy’ (Peeples, 2013) but there are still skeptics.

The issue that my company is facing in expanding the operations within this industry is, mainly, the uncertainty of the long term effects the fracking procedure is possibly contributing to. According to msnbc, “fracking is causing earthquakes. Federal scientists presented a new study this week to the American Geophysical Union that suggests natural gas drilling is the likely culprit behind a skyrocketing number of earthquakes in the Raton Basin in Colorado and New Mexico… companies began injecting what’s called ‘wastewater fluid’ from natural gas drilling into the Earth” ( Gentile, 2012). Different publications are distributing articles of studies of health effects and environmental issues that hydraulic fracturing are causing. This in response is effecting the possible growth for...

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