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Unit 5005 Meeting Stakeholder and Quality needs – Learning outcome 2

Quality management standards in our organization 2.1

Total Quality Management, or TQM, is the process of instilling quality throughout an organization and its business processes. Many organizations that employ a system of Total Quality Management in human resources, etc, are large companies but there is no reason why Total Quality Management theory shouldn’t work in smaller businesses as well. For Total Quality Management to work, everyone in the organization has to get involved. The theory is to work towards using the best possible processes to offer the best possible products to produce the best possible customer satisfaction. Of course, perfection is an impossible goal, but working on a basis of continuous improvement can mean that the impact of Total Quality Management is immense. However, ‘continuous’ must mean just that – TQM requires commitment over many years and should not be treated as just a fad.

Source- Thinking Managers by Edward de Bono and Robert Heller

Bombardier Inc is an organisation which plans to meet and satisfy the requirements of customers by striving to be the world’s leading manufacturer of planes and trains .
This can be seen clearly in the organisation’s mission statement.

“Our mission is to be the world’s leading manufacturer of planes and trains. We are committed to providing superior value and service to our customers and sustained profitability to our shareholders by investing in our people and products. We lead through innovation and outstanding product safety, efficiency and performance. Our standards are high. We define excellence—and we deliver.”

Bombardier Inc has four main core values:

Commitment to excellence
Customer orientation
Shareholder focus

Bombardier’s four Core Values of Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Customer Orientation and Shareholder Focus reflect the fundamental qualities that have made Bombardier what it is today.

Bombardier also has four Leadership Attributes:

They put people first
They work together
They have a passion for winning
They have a drive for results

These Core Values and Leadership attributes are the basics required for Bombardier to achieve corporate goals and satisfy customer requirements.

Customers want and need:

Solutions to problems
Customer Support
Schedule Adherence

Source: - Bombardier “B” Net

For Bombardier to achieve these goals they need to meet and exceed customer needs better than the competition. This can be achieved by utilising three key strategies for customer satisfaction:

Customer Orientation

Corporate activities are focused upon providing customer satisfaction.

Integrated Effort

All staff accepts the responsibility for creating customer satisfaction.

Goal Achievement

Corporate goals can be achieved through customer satisfaction.

Bombardier should analyse customer needs and focus on the customer. They should have shared values and beliefs that the customer comes first. They should organise their structure and systems based on their market-led strategy and should encourage team work. Their market-led strategies should link distinctive competencies to market opportunities and make their competitive advantage the driving force. They should implement people, incentives, communication and persuasion. Quality Management concentrates on building in quality, planning to get it right first time all the time. Accepting that inspections are used to ensure that everything is O.K. rather than sorting the good from the bad.

According to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) "Total Quality Management is a management approach for an organisation, centred on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming...
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