stakeholder analysis

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Stakeholder Analysis

The purpose of stakeholder analysis is to inform the project manager and sponsor who should contribute to the project, where barriers might be, and the actions that need to be taken prior to detailed project planning. – to rectify these risks/attitudes??


Their interest or requirement from the project

What the project needs from them
Perceived attitudes and/or risks
Actions to take
Doral Mining Industries (company itself)

Doral Mining Industries (staff involved in program)

Indigenous Locals (directly participating in the program)

Indigenous Locals (Not involved in the program)

Local Council


Food catering company

Security Company Commissioned

Enhance its CSR image as a legal entity, aid the communities in which it operates within.

Aiding the indigenous Australians who are geographically located in areas where Doral Mining operates within, financial incentive (if not volunteer.)
Lots of intangible benefits to individual peoples.’

Better their lives! Slow down/Stop excessive alcohol consumption; - about trying to adopt a new lifestyle.

Better the lives of their peoples’ as a whole, beginning the cultural paradigm shift in regards to alcohol.

Program endeavours to better the lives of its residents; -Less excessive alcohol consumption = less fights, less property damage, better overall health and atmosphere = lower cost & better lifestyle for council!
Financial backing - implementation within the companies internal & external corporate structure (annual allocated budget…), collating all the required resources for it to operate successfully.

Diligence (being on-time every time, patience, practise their particular expertise to best serve the program & their personal set objective.

Their active participation during meetings; conscious effort to implement what’s

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