Stake Holders

Topics: Stakeholder, Customer service, United States Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: June 5, 2013
 Stake holders can be identified internal an external. An example of an external stakeholder of piedmont plastics is one of the plastic industry top respected leaders 3M. 3M’s interest can be divided into three categories, sales volume, profits and public image. In relation to sales volume Piedmont plastic has had a positive projected impact on 3M, and has been ranked a high priority in interest. Sales volume of the product has directly reflected the invested interest that Piedmont plastics have invested. For example, digital imaging projects used for large decals have been created to allow air to travel through adhesives saving the need of using large squeegees. The adhesives also allow the film to be reposition during installation and the application to be applied to film surfaces. Sales have directly increased as interest in this product continues to increase, which has busted the public image. The sustainability plan that has been outlined helps to boost the need for technology such as this to help increase the use of plastics and eliminate the barriers create due to the use of adhesives.

As for the internal stakeholders, Regal Plastics-West is a new entity of Piedmont Plastics. Regal plastics-west interest is to provide quality materials to the western section of the United States. The sustainability plan may impact this stakeholder negatively by restricting standards that may already be set in place by banc, courtrooms, and convenience stores. Resources are often allocated through the construction of new buildings and are not always available one in operation. Therefore, to be successful these products will have to be made available at a reasonable cost. As for another stake holder, the president holds great interest in becoming a multi-national distributor. The intent of the president is to accomplish this while maintain a high level of integrity in all activities. For the last 40 years the customer has been the main focus of the customer. The daily...
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