Topics: United States, Ku Klux Klan, Sheriff Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: January 10, 2006

Satire is word that is mostly used to criticize a persons, society, and etc. in the short story written by Julius Lester Stagolee he uses satire in the characters sheriffs, Death, the angles, and the funeral services people. He also uses satire about the government in Stagolee by talking about the military, the sheriffs, and the presidents of the United States during that time. He even uses satire on the Ku Klux Klan Alumni Association. Julius Lester made the character Stagolee, a man that no one can defeat just by using satire. He made him superior to every one even death.

The way Julius Lester used satire in the characters the sheriff, Death, the angles, and the funeral service people is by making Stagolee superior to them. With the sheriff, stagolee defeated him even though he was white and it was around the time that white people had power among the blacks. When the sheriff came to arrest him, Stagolee hit the sheriff in the head and sent him flying across the room and put three bullets in him and killed him. What makes this an example of satire is that this story is exaggerated because there were no sheriffs in a town that had so much respect for a black man nor there were no black men with such power. Another good example of satire is the way stagolee dealt with death when he came to take him away from earth because he was thirty years over due to die. Instead of stagolee going with death to hell, stagolee pulled out his 44 and the bullets whistle past death's ear and death left in quick second. The other good example of satire is with the angles. When Stagolee was on his way to heaven he stopped in between clouds and thought the angles how to play Pitty-Pat and Coon-Can. The reason this was a good example of satire is that angles was not supposed to play such games but Stagolee came and made the brake that rule which was something out of the ordinary for an angle who fallow all the rules. The last example of satire used in the characters...
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