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Topics: Sigmund Freud, Anal stage, Oral stage Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: February 25, 2014
he Freudian psycho-sexual stages is the developmental stages a human being faces from childhood to adulthood. Freud believes that the gateway to adulthood is the genital stage of development whereby lasting and meaningful relationships are formed. Freud viewed infants as sexual beings whose sex drive is low. He explains on how this sex drive is channel these ages from the first year of the child to adolescence that is 13years to 18years of age.

Definition Of Terms

Salkind (2004 p 315) defines psychosexual stages as “the stages of development within psychosexual theory each of which is based on, but qualitatively distinct from the others and invariant in its appearance.

The oral Stage

This is the first stage of development .It occurs from birth to about one year of the child. The primary source of focus at this stage is the mouth. At this stage all experience n is mediated by eating related activities. The child develops sexual pleasure through the mouth by sucking ,biting ,chewing and swallowing. Freud believed that the way a child is being fed or the experiences a child meet during this stage contributes to the future life of the individual. A child needs to be satisfied with any of the feeding and weaning ( withdrawing the breast or bottle) process that will happen at this stage. A child must not get more or less of the breast feeding and the weaning process must be done in a proper way.

Salkind (2004 p 125) states that, “ the child learns to associate satisfaction with the image of the mother in the stage and subsequently attaches a sense of satisfaction and associated with the mother or objects that represents the mothers image.” This means that a child-minder or mother plays...
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