Stages of child development

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Learning Stages of Children " The Cognitive Theory"
Jacqueline Krantz
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In Early Child Development, childcare givers should know the specific stages of children from birth to around 11yrs old. Piaget suggested that there were four major cognitive stages in logical development, corresponding to four successive forms of knowledge. During each of these stages, children were hypothesized to think and reason in a different way. These stages, and their approximate ages of occurrence, were: the sensory-motor period (0-2 years), the period of pre-operations (2-7 years), the period of concrete operations (7-11 years) and the period of formal operations (11-12 years on). Through these stages that interact with the cognitive theory of learning, these stages identify "how much " children can actually learn at different ages. Ex; Birth -2yrs old must be able to identify something first before they play with it" (missmith891.,(4/26/2011) Cognitive Theory is only one learning strategy that caregivers can use . There are also •Social Cognitive Learning

Constructive Learning
Each technique is different in its approach to simplify the learning process for educators and focusing on the "play" process of learning for the young children. In 1914 Thorndike Watson, tried to show in the "laws of learning" that young children were identical to those in other species.

"Social Cognitive theories reflect the natural tendencies of individuals to alter personal behaviors based on the observed behavior of others"(Schoinick,Ellin Kofsky., 1999). When working with Social Cognitive techniques, the teacher or teacher aide are using personal behaviors based on observation of the young students. This gives them a "natural" observation, but they need to be careful of students competing against each other for the teachers attention. "Constructive Learning" is usually used in special education areas of learning. This...
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