Stagecoach Movie Critique

Topics: Western, Marriage, John Wayne Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: January 16, 2007
In this film, John Ford is trying to convey that the people who are alienated from sociality are mostly good people. This idea has been conveyed by the alienated characters act very nice. Such as when the prostitute helps the baby when the married woman was pregnant, she even stayed up all night taking care of the woman. Also, the Ringo Kid was nice to everyone, unlike what people usually thinks of a criminal. There¡¯s also the alcoholic doctor. Even though the doctor is drunk all the time, he is still very nice and helps deliver the baby. The doctor is also pretty brave when he confronts Kid¡¯s parent¡¯s killer to leave his gun. John Ford also does a lot of close-up shots to characters when they are saying something important or showing the character¡¯s personality or feelings. Such as when Kid was asking the prostitute to live with him, Ford uses a lot of back and forth close-up shots between the two characters to show their emotions. In the beginning, when the film introduces Ringo Kid, the director used a zoom shot to show his over all confident posture with a cool gun spin to a close-up expression of the face. This shot makes Kid look like a hero, making the audience fall in love with him immediately. Ford also makes John Wayne look really big by lowering the doors and often puts him in the middle of a standing crowd. John Ford used many typical western objects to give the audience the western feeling. There were horses, wagons, and the people eat a lot of beans. The film also lets the audience to escape reality and go into a world where there are fights with Native Americans, and street shootings. Also, the way the people dresses in the film is what typical people would wear in an earlier time period than the 1930¡¯s to give the feeling that the West is not as advanced as in the East. The film also uses many techniques to build up suspense. When the Indians came to attack the wagon, the film builds up the suspense by doing close-ups on character¡¯s in the...
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