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Topics: Nutrition, Writing, Thought Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: May 5, 2013
A Future Dietician’s Point Of View On Writing

Everyone has their different opinions, but I think for the most part many individuals will agree with me when i say that good writing is essential in the major of Dietetics; without knowing good writing, the chances are you probably won’t end up as a certified Dietician. For Example, in order to be a Grocery Dietician you need to know so many things including good writing skills. By knowing what the audience values allows me to focus more on what the audience is looking for.

The way i would describe my public text is a comic strip that will consist of a client and a dietician. Now before I continue with my public text, you might ask “Why a comic strip?” I chose a comic strip because each profession is usually serious most of the time. I personally think that it was be nice to read something in your profession, yet has humor and pictures to get in touch with your inner child. Continuing my public text; The dietician never learned proper writing therefore never really learned how to fill diet plans. He will be giving the wrong type of diet plan to the client making him gain weight instead of losing or maintaining.

My public text grew by socializing with the experts and receiving each of their perspectives on my idea for a public text. They gave me many ideas, like a small video or a drawing .I had chosen to make a video but then I thought about it, I realized that its much more easier to carry a comic strip then to watch a video when on the go. My audience for my public text will be the professors and students who are interested in the field of dietetics. My argument is that no matter how tedious individuals may find it, good writing is significant in most office careers.

I have interviewed others who are in the profession of Dietetics,which was not that difficult, just required effort. Most of them said “You really have to be dedicated since it is such a competitive field.” I have experienced...
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