Staffing, Performance Management & Compensation Report

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Staffing, Performance Management & Compensation Report
Executive Summary
This report was generated to assist American Express in visualizing how the use of internal recruitment to fill vacancies of higher-level positions by linking the staffing, performance management, and compensation plans. How these links can further strengthen the organizational culture by being internally aligned with the vision of employing the most superior and dedicated staff. The research findings will show that when an employee has a clearly defined career path, they inevitably become more dedicated and motivated to achieve common company goals and standards. To ensure successful transition to an internal recruitment policy, Team Fabulous will be recommending the following: * Adopt new hiring and progression policies.

* Implement new appraisal training programs.
* Adopt use of new performance appraisal forms that include employee self-appraisals and individual development plans. * Adopt a new compensation structure.

Analysis of the vast information that was gathered has indicated that the proper use of a comprehensive performance management system provides both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards which results in a higher level of motivation for current employees and makes employment attractive to prospective employees.

Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal i
Executive Summary ii

Introduction 5
Purpose 6
Methodology 6

Findings 7
Career Pathing 7
Career Pathing through Performance Evaluation/Advantages 8
Job Analysis 9
Job Descriptions 9
Hiring Policies10
Progression Policy11
Performance Management System12
Performance Appraisal13
Appraisal Training14
Compensation Analysis15
Compensation Structure16




Appendix-A- Job Descriptions
B- Hiring Policy
C- Progression Policy
D- Annual Performance Appraisal/with IDP
E- Appraisal Training Design Document
F- Salary Market Survey
G- Benefit Analysis
H- Compensation Structure/Pay Grade Scale
I- Competency Matrix
J- Power Point/Presentation Slides


Team Minutes

Peer Review/Team Reflection

Staffing, Performance Management & Compensation Report
American Express was established in 1850 as a freight forwarding company providing transportation of valuables and freight across the country. Developing into a company that creates and sells global payment and financial products around the world, the company has progressed into a global provider of travel, financial and network services and is one of the world’s most widely recognized brands (Amex). American Express employs over 84,000 people worldwide and offers products and services in more than 200 countries. American Express is the world’s largest single credit card issuer with nearly 55 million cards held by customers covering 43 different currencies worldwide (Amex). Continuing American Express’s commitment to work closely with local business partners, development of valuable products, the highest quality customer service and deepest levels of customer support, this report will assist with generating the most superior and dedicated staff.

After reviewing the current organizational strategy, practices, and policies it was deemed that only extensive research could identify any gaps that could benefit from revision of current practices and policies. Please find enclosed the results of the research, a plan for new policies in staffing, performance management, and compensation structure that will assist with American Express’s continuous goal of retention and attraction of only the most superior and dedicated personnel that is...

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